Team Leaders of India Tour Company - Born in India & Citizens of Australia.

' India Tour Company ' is leading by a team of Indians, residing in Australia, who been migrated to Australia in the year of 2009 as permanent residents of Australia and extended our experiences in travel and tourism business with the strong, work-background in India. Being we are born and brought up in different cities of India, we are multi-linguistic, best destination managers and skillful tour consultants. Our keen knowledge in India's ever growing Tourism industry, are enough confident to deliver any kind of Tours in India on any shape and size to an Australian tourist. We can bring you the best essence of India's vast diversity of culture, heritage, nature, and lifestyles from North to South. With our vast familiarity and credence, we are committed to provide the best and trustworthy destination management in India to make an Australian tourist to be very happy with finest experiments, seasoning by proper combination of each local elements, through out the exotic land called, incred!ble India.

An India - Australia Lawful Company.

India Tour Company, Australia (www.india-tour.com.au) is a Business brand name of Asia Tarvels Pty.Ltd in Australia, since from 2009 onward. We are located in the state of Victoria in Australia as well as we do have a back office in India too. We are a legitimate travel company registered in Australia as Asia Travels Pty.Ltd with ABN & ACN . We are recognized and trust worthy agent, accredited with Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) & certified by ATAS.

INDIA - Small Group Journeys.

Participate in a small group to India will stir the soul like no other country. Let it be any theme and budget, we- India Tour Company, can bring you the best bargained prices from Australian whole sellers, as per your choice of interest of your planned trip to India. Be dazzled by a kaleidoscope of heritage, festivals and fantasy bursting forth from every angle. Immerse yourself in a melting pot of fascinating cultures and spicy foods. Enjoy the exotic diversity of India, specially designed by experienced travel gurus, whom allow to experience the most popular and unrevealed destinations of India, by its uniqueness in all aspects.

Cab + Chauffeur + Private Guide ?

Cabs in India is something to be handled carefully. It is a high risk of hiring a cab and drive yourself. Because, the traffic conditions in India is incredible ! We believe that, only a trained chauffeur can make your trip enjoyable and worth full in India. We have a good team of Cab service providers, in all over India to secure the trip with safety. All our chauffeurs are monitored and trained by our team members to make the travelers happy. Hence, our chauffeur will be not only just a driver, but a guide, local guardian, loyal servant and a good friend. Let the cab be size be in any mode, we chose them carefully and allot to our clients after several filtering procedures by our team in India Tour Company.

Tailor-Made Luxury India Tours and Holiday Packages.

Australia's Exclusive and Experienced India Tour wizards in our company, provides private tours for travelers through our carefully selected network of local tour guides, each of whom is keen to share their knowledge, experience and expertise. Our luxury holidays are planned by experts and range from the lavish to the adventurous, from short breaks to round-the-world discoveries. Inherit Tours accommodating in Heritage properties is something extra ordinary and Herbal treatments is an added advantage to be utilized along with an India tour.

Trained Chauffeur for India Tours

To assure the best service for our Australian travelers in India, We train our cab drivers to be loyal as a local guardian, friend in behavior and be a local tour guide in all destinations to serve our premier guests as a Maharaj (King) and Maharani (Queen) of India. The team of India Tour Company monitor them everyday, to update the tour they had so far and we motivate them to innovate the upcoming programs to be more colorfully organized. It help our client to share their experiences with our guest relation manager and hence, the tour will become an ever memorable one.

We design trips of a lifetime India Tours.

Tour India team plan personal trips of a lifetime to memories . If you are looking for more than a standard holiday or something extra ordinary we help you design and plan your journey through the incredible Indian Sub continent. Let it be in any size, theme, budget , we can help you to design the tour packages in India at it's best. India tour packages with a complete mode will help an Australian tourist, to enjoy it as a hassle free one and definitely they will pack the memories for a life time.

Specially Designed Private India Tours as per your Travel dates

(You may add or expel the destinations as per your choice)

North India Tours

The Capital City Delhi will give you a warm welcome and from the moment you land in Delhi onward, your mind will start to tremble with excitement, which will wind up with a multiple satisfaction at the end of your Trip in India. Tour in North of India will give a charm of rich Heritage, where you may take selfies at Taj Mahal, Rajasthan Forts, Monuments and Palaces . A trip extension to Varanasi will be more charming to watch spiritual ritual experiences of Hindu Devotees near holy river Ganga.

South India Tours

Tour in South India is something different than North. It is more into green nature and blue waters. Kerala, the paradise of nature will blow your mind with its Harbour Town, Tea Plantations, wild Life, Unique back waters and canals, exotic beaches within a radius of 650 Kms. Goa Beaches, Mysore Palaces, Tamilnadu Heritage Temples are added attractions which will throb your senses many times.

Kerala Tours

Tour in Kerala will always recognize as one of the best of your lifetime. This paradise of nature will blow your mind with its Heritage Harbor Towns, Tea Plantations, wild Life, Rain Forests, Unique back waters and canals, exotic beaches and estuary islands within a radius of 650 Kms. Nowhere in the world you can experience, such a nature diversity within this much short distances. Authentic and holistic herbal treatments in Kerala is another advantage to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul whilst touring.

Herbal Escapes

Herbal treatments (Ayurveda) is a natural method of holistic healing whilst Tour in India is a chance to rejuvenate your body and inspire your mind. As a Wellness traveler, you will restore balance and harmony within and return home physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually rejuvenated. Get More Details >>

Herbal Escapes | Get More Details >>

We know India

Being we lived in several cities of India, and became multi-linguistic we know the destinations and cultural diversity in India like the back of our hand. Hence, we promise to guide you safely through India’s timeless and amazing landscape. Being , we are an India-Australian company, it is easy to coordinate with you to tailor the package and be responsible locally. Tour in India is something unique, where you can taste all the themes of a Luxury Touring in economic mode on its all kind of varieties.

Hand Picked Unique Accommodations

We - India Tour Company - have an array of verities of unique accommodations, such as Heritage Mansions, Ethnic Palaces, eco friendly Tree Huts, Mud Houses, Tented Camps and more.

Specialization on - North and South- India Tour Packages

The team of ' India Tour Company ' is a dedicated India-Australian travel specialists, committed to providing Tour Packages and holiday experiences through out India, that are exceptional in every way. All your Indian based travel dreams can come true. Visit the most spectacular Indian destinations with accommodation options to suit both discerning clients who expect the very best luxury escapes, as well as the more budget-conscious traveler. We tailor your journey to meet your expectations. We are doing the business, since from last 12 years and do have world wide contract with major travel consultants in the International market.

‘ India Tour Company ' - Australia's Leading No:1 tour Operator providing the premium services in Incredible India to experience India's rich cultural and historic heritage. The heritage of India tapestry unwrap a nation with many faces, each untangling a spicy feast of new experiences.

At diverse destinations and suitable moments, India can be indelibly spiritual, architecturally glorious, astonishingly natural, and fascinatingly cultural. Each characteristic destination is hybridized with a kaleidoscopic blend of great delight and sensual indulgence, ensuring that no previous travel compares. We promise that your Tour in India will be such a memorable one, where you will recommend and share your experiences with your friends and relatives many times to inspire them, what you learned and enjoyed spiritually, mentally, socially, physically and emotionally. So, dream your holidays in India, give a buzz to the team Tour India and just pack your dreams to realize it in all sense.

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