Backwater Cruises

Kerala Back Water Cruise in a Private Houseboat with an exclusive Cox & privy Chef

Backwater Cruise through Kerala in a houseboat!

Have you ever enjoyed cruising in a private houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala? If you haven’t, make sure you do. This one is really a wonderful and unforgettable experience! These backwaters are part of Lake Vembanand, the longest lake in India at 96.5km long and 14 km wide. It is a major tourist attraction in Kerala with people cruising in converted rice barges to get a closer look at life by the waterside. There are many boats cruising around, but surprisingly you do not really notice them as you train your binoculars on the wonderful bird life or watch the local people going about their everyday lives.

You may Cruise and Stay in an exclusive Private House Boat with Cozy Style Bed Room attached with Modern Toilet and escorted with a personalized chef and Cox.

Backwater Cruise is through narrow canals and widened lake, frilled with lush green Paddy Fields and Coconut lagoons. Oh!Woww!! Amazing view ! Indulge in an unique nature and lifestyle whilst cruising in Kerala Backwaters to enjoy the exotic beauty of nature, which may not vanish off from your memory.

Fishing Rods are available for live fishing anywhere you like in the lake or canal, or you may buy best river water fish from village fishermen, those catches it in inherit technical methods. Fishing is a major part of life in the Backwaters and on a misty early morning you are able to see the fishermen at work. Many of the fishermen use nets or lines to catch fish which taste wonderful when freshly cooked by them or your chef.

All Meals would be cooked on-board by your private chef and supplemented with Toddy or Beer, Wine and/or Spirits.

Village walk, Hindu Temples and Christian church visits are also possible whilst cruise in backwaters. Village people are simple, Lovely and friendly. So, come and enjoy this private cruise to make your Holiday worth of it’s value and experience this luxurious trip incredibly inexpensive.

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