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India is a big country, apart from its main land it has many islands in large and small sizes. From North to South, Wast to East India has lot to cater in the fields of tourism and travel. Its coastal areas, beaches, historical monuments, icy mountains, hill stations, museums, performances, cuisines, cultures, different life styles, back water, wild life, time with aborigine’s , spiritual centres, what not, its farm lands everything is being well attracted to tourists across globe.

As India was under the ruling of Britan, Europe etc… for long time, its culture also been well caused to be biased to western culture in some part of the India’s main continent. This also had resulted its people to speak lingo franco ie, English. This helped India to welcome global tourists hurdle free in communication.

India tour holiday packages are available for very short to long durations. Most of the modern tourists do not go to India’s interial life but to some major part of north India and also cover some part of South India.

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